LEAP changes lives, earns Positively Jax award

Group's founder honored by WJXT, Memorial Hospital

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Ebony Carter founded a women's group named Ladies Empowering Attitudes with Purpose (LEAP) which helps local ladies build confidence, learn new skills and give back to the community.

"LEAP is a social networking group.  We are also considered a support group for women who have a passion for self development and community service," Carter said.

Carter, president of LEAP, arranges the group to go feed the homeless at the Salvation Army a few times each month, puts together workshops for local people to attend to help everyone be positive in their own lives, and is always finding a new charity to get involved with.​

Sabrina Stroman described her previous life before finding LEAP, when she was known as "Shorty," dragging her two children along as kept looking for the next high.

"I really don't have hope because I feel like God has forgotten about me. I feel like He has forsaken me because I come from a family that's faith-based, but it seems like everybody else is moving up and doing good except for me.  Why am I forgotten about?" Stroman said.

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After becoming a member of Carter's group, Stroman's attitude changed.

"Thank you for inspiring me to find the purpose in Sabrina.  Before LEAP I didn't have a purpose.  I thought I did, but LEAP has definitely helped me find that purpose," Stroman said.

Because of the changes LEAP brought into the lives of Stoman and other members, WJXT and Memorial Hospital awarded Carter with the Positively Jax award for July 2016.