Community continues to provide support for 2-year-old diagnosed with brain tumor

Tijuana Flats fundraiser raises money for Lucy Sembach's medical bills


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The community continues to rally around a Jacksonville 2-year-old diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Earlier this month, Bishop Snyder High School and Eagle View Academy held a fundraiser to help 2-year-old Lucy Sembach win her fight against cancer in what they called the "Light it up for Lucy" night.

Wednesday evening, more people came together for a fundraiser at Tijuana Flats to help raise money for her medical bills. 

Lucy's father, Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer Casey Sembach, said his family is grateful for the outpouring of support. 

"We're overwhelmed by it in a good way. It's more than we could've expected. We were hoping for prayers and positive thoughts, and giving Lucy support and us support. And I think it's worked," Sembach said. 

Surgeons at Wolfson Children's Hospital were able to remove a majority of the tumor just days before Thanksgiving.

Sembach said his daughter is recovering well from the surgery, but she has to learn to walk again. 

"It's getting better with therapy and family," Sembach said. 

A family friend has already raised more than $25,000 through a GoFundMe page, but wanted to get the community involved in helping Lucy win the fight against cancer.

"This is everyone coming together for children, for a child in this case. That's one of the big things, getting her little face out there, putting a face with the story and everybody wanting to come out and support in any way they can -- even if it's a handshake or a hug," Sembach said.