Former JSO officer turned professional wrestler feeds the hungry

Elijah Burke returns home to giveback


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Elijah Burke is a professional wrestler who is now a commentator for Impact Wrestling. On Saturday, he returned home to help feed the hungry at the Burger King downtown.

"The Love-Alive Charity, which is my charity we've been doing this for five-years now," Burke said. "This charity holds this event annually. We are not government funded. We've been funded out of my pocket personally for a time, and the people you see out here and the people who support this charity from around the world. We work off the donations of the community."

Burke once was a deputy with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. He left the job in 2003 to pursue his professional wrestling career. Before Impact Wrestling he worked for World Wrestling Entertainment and also appeared in WrestleMania.

The fifth annual program to feed the hungry is part of a promise Burke kept to himself.

"The community where I grew up in was full of homelessness and poverty," Burke said. "I always promised if I could and come back and take care of the same community where I grew up in I wanted to do that. That's why we're here today in downtown Jacksonville at Burger King to feed those who are in need." 

If you'd like to donate to Burke's charity, you can contribute at www.love-alive.org