Healthcare enrollment event held to honor Martin Luther King

Event hopes to enroll people in the Affordable Care Act

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida partnered with Florida Care Assurance Group to enroll people in the Affordable Care Act.

The event is being called "Martin Luther King Day Weekend Healthcare Enrollment."It was held Saturday at the Beaver Street Enterprise Center.

"One of the things Martin Luther King said was one of the biggest injustices is not having healthcare. One of the things we decided to do the MLK weekend was have an enrollment day to help people understand what the repeal and replacement portion means and give them an opportunity to have some health insurance. What people don't realize is even though it's a repeal, that means a re-look. People need to realize they still need health coverage during that time, or they could face a penalty. We're here today to help people avoid a penalty," Mincy Pollock, with Florida Care Assurance Group, said.

January 31 is the deadline to enroll in coverage for 2017. Pollock said that everyone who registers will have a coverage date of February 1.