Man stages police traffic stop marriage proposal

ST. JOHNS, Fla. – He broke the law, by stealing her heart forever. 

Jason DePalma staged a fake traffic stop to use as a backdrop to pop the question to his girlfriend. 

DePalma and his girlfriend Sarah have been together for 3 years. DePalma said he approached Corporal Manning of the St Johns Police Department one day and asked if he would help him propose to his girlfriend. He agreed and came up with a plan to catch it all on camera. 

On Sunday, DePalma was driving in Saint Johns county when he ran a stop sign. He was pulled over by St. Johns County sheriff's deputies who ordered both people get out of the car. An officer then ordered them both to walk to the back of the vehicle. One deputy then ordered DePalma to get down on one knee. 

Sarah had no clue her life was about to change. The fake traffic stop did the trick, and Sara said yes. 

"A great way to start our lives together," DePalma wrote on Youtube. Jason and Sarah both run a non-profit called Rally Your Heart to help Military Veterans. 

"We really just want to give a huge Thank you to Corp. Manning and the St. Johns PD. We appreciate what they do. We feel police officers need to be in the news for the good things they do as well," DePalma said. 

You can watch the proposal here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzUVMI2ej1s

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