Northeast Florida's Moblze Foundation launches with party in DC

Group wants to 'deliver the American dream' to everyone


JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Northeast Florida's newest foundation is launching with a big party in our nation's capitol this week. 

A-list celebrities at an inaugural ball? Sandi Capra, the interim president of the new Moblze Foundation, said you can check that box, starting with the event host, superstar boxer Floyd Mayweather. Capra said to expect “A-listers,” celebrities, elected officials, minority leaders and key influencers, in addition to performers. Capra confirmed some of those entertainers include Remy Ma, Fat Joe, French Montana, Dj Bling, and others. “Count on some surprise guests, including some NFL coaches and players,” Capra said.

Moblze Foundation wants “to deliver the American dream to everyone” by revitalizing inner cities. Part of that effort will be “training the next generation of entrepreneurs and high-skilled workers,” per the organization’s website, www.moblzefoundation.org. “Moblze Foundation will build Urban Empowerment Centers in inner city neighborhoods styled after Silicon Valley corporate headquarters.” The founding board members are Darren and Julie Blanton, and Dr. Ceil Pillsbury. Moblze is headquartered in Jacksonville Beach.

Moblze Foundation expects a thousand people to attend at the Washington Hilton, Friday night starting at 10 pm. From the foundation’s invitation on its website, “For too long, the road to prosperity for inner city kids has been bleak, leading some of them to choose a seemingly easier path of gangs and drugs. Moblze Foundation will offer a different journey, one filled with opportunity and the American Dream.”

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