Friends throw birthday party for woman turning 107

Violet Shutt described as 'beautiful example of life'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – They say age is just a number, but when you hit 107, it's an inspiration!

Violet Shutt will turn 107 on Sunday, and what's even more impressive is she still does nearly everything on her own.

News4Jax stopped by Violet's birthday party Friday afternoon, and asked her what her secret is.

"Eat good food and take care of yourself. That's about all I can say," replied Violet, who considers herself a health nut. 

PHOTOS: Violet Shutt's 107th birthday party

Though her birthday isn't until Sunday, Violet's closest friends came together to celebrate early on Friday, and shared some of their favorite things about her. 

"If I'm not mistake, you're the oldest centenarian in Duval County," one of her friends said. 

Audrey Forgason, 90, said she's taking notes, and revealed what she loves about Violet. 

"The twinkle in her eye when she recognizes you. It's just wonderful. The good Lord has certainly blessed her and He's blessed us by giving us this beautiful example of life," Audrey said. 

Another friend, Gayle Cox, said Violet is always in good spirits. 

Not only does Violet live on her own in a senior community in Jacksonville and take care of herself, she has several hobbies.

"Knit and crochet and paint," Violet said. 

She said another key to her long life is reading books every day. Her friends added that Violet still cooks, cleans and gets her hair done every week. 

Violet, who is originally from Pittsburg, has outlived her four children, but she has 16 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren -- too many to count, according to her.

She's also thankful for the friends and people who are helping her celebrate this year.

"Family, and friends -- I'm sure proud of all these friends," Violet said. 

Happy 107th birthday, Violet!