High school seniors recognized at 3rd annual Mary Awards

Channel 4 anchor Mary Baer emcees ceremony

12 finalists attend third annual Mary Awards
12 finalists attend third annual Mary Awards

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The third annual Mary Awards event was held Thursday evening at San Jose Country Club to recognize young women who serve as positive role models through their values, lifestyle and leadership.

Channel 4 anchor Mary Baer hosted the award ceremony, which was attended by 12 finalists in four categories. 

In the category of academics, Jordan Mayfield was the winner. In the athletics category, Kayley Delay won the Mary Award.

In the category of leadership, Alyssa "Gracie" Maynor took the prize. And in the philanthropy category, Tanisha Mugwimi received the honor. 

"I have to, first of all, give honor to God, and my lord and savior Jesus Christ for all of his glory," Mugwimi said when she accepted the Mary Award. "Working on the project really impacted my life and brought me closer to Jesus. And knowing that I could help people who live so far away through the power of God could change their lives, really changed my life."

The event also featured an inspiring message from keynote speaker Andrea Mail.

St. Vincent's HealthCare created the awards to recognize and honor high school senior girls of every faith who lift up society, and were built around St. Vincent's core values: Service of the poor, reverence, integrity, wisdom, creativity and dedication. 

The event is named after the Virgin Mary, who followed the laws of her faith and served God with her whole being.

Baer said the awards are a reminder that there are so many decent, moral, hardworking young women in the community who deserve to be recognized.