Landing Walls murals unveiled

7 artists design, paint murals inside Jacksonville Landing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Landing Walls project was unveiled during Art Walk Wednesday night at the shopping and dining space next to the Main Street Bridge in downtown Jacksonville. 

The beautification project was organized by local artist Nicole Holderbaum. A group of seven Jacksonville artists were selected to design and paint murals on the east end of The Jacksonville Landing.

Ingrid Yuzly Mathurin was one of the seven chosen to paint a masterpiece inside the Landing.

"They're going to be inspired. I'm inspired by a lot of the artists that I got a chance to work with. I'm really thankful for the artist Nicole curated this with the Landing," Mathurin said. 

Many people who strolled by to see the art said they were impressed.

"I really like it. I like the colors," Kayla Thomas said.

"I liked it. I gave a lot of expression and you can see how people put their emotions in their artwork," Borishade said.

Mathurin said she hopes her creation cultivates a positive idea in young people: ending the violence in the city.

"That's definitely the message behind this piece. A lot of positive energy," Mathurin said. "And when you look at it kind of makes you smile. So that's my message behind doing this piece. 

The Landing Walls project will continue for the next several years, adding new murals from new artists each time. 

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