SUPER: Police surprise 4-year-old with visit from Batman

Boy whose missing seizure monitor was returned gets special visit

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. – Jacksonville police officers touched by the story of a little boy who needs a seizure monitor gave the 4-year-old a special surprise -- and brought along a super friend.

“Hi, Batman!”

Dylan has a brain tumor and sometimes has seizures while he's sleeping, so his family was given a $900 seizure monitor recently by a charity.

The monitor, a SAMi, is a night-vision camera that detects seizures and alerts parents in another room.

But the donated monitor went missing from his family's mailbox before they could install it, and his mother, Felicia Brock, alerted News4Jax to see if we could help.

“People selflessly donated $900 to provide a monitor for my son and for somebody just to take it out of our mailbox, it was upsetting,” Brock said.

Withing minutes of her story airing, News4Jax was contacted by the president of the Jacksonvile police union, Steve Zona, who offered to buy the family a new monitor.

But the day after the story aired, the missing package was returned to the Atlantic Beach apartment complex where the family lives.

But the story didn't stop there.

Those generous police officers wanted to meet Dylan, and brought along his favorite superhero – and an entire motorcade of police motorcycles for Dylan to check out.

“For us, it is definitely that part that we take a lot of pride in, we take a lot of joy in,” Sgt. Ben Rhoden said. “We are able to reach out and connect with the community and the youth.”

There gesture made Dylan's day, and restored his mother's faith in humanity.

“It makes you feel good that there are still good, kindhearted people out there,” Brock said. “It's nice.”

Zona said now that Dylan's monitor has been returned, his organization will be donating a brand new one to the charity that gave it to Dylan’s family. Dylan’s mom said she’s happy to pay it forward.

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