Officer responding to call blares 'Why Can't We Be Friends?' instead of sirens

Internet users taking 'note' of officer's unusual approach to calm dispute

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville cop took his role as a “peace” officer to a new level last week when he used soul music to bring harmony to a tense situation.

Video showing the unusual technique he used to calm two feuding neighbors is going viral.

Kimberly Anne Pryor posted the video, showing an argument between her friend and his neighbor, to Facebook. She said the heated discussion took place around midnight Oct. 23 in Springfield, near the intersection of 9th and Pearl streets.

The man can be heard arguing about statements he said were posted to Facebook, demanding his neighbor take them down.

But Pryor said her friend never posted anything derogatory on the social media site.

About 30 seconds into the expletive-laced video, the 1970s soul song “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” by War can be heard blaring from an approaching police cruiser's PA system.

After getting their attention, the patrol officer responding to the disturbance asks the men, “What are y’all arguing about?”

Pryor said the officer, who has not been identified, and two other members of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office were able to diffuse the situation. 

No police report was written because no one was hurt, arrested or cited.

“With so many negative things about police,” said Pryor, who recorded the video. “The way they handled it was wonderful. It diffused the situation I think. This could have turned into something a lot worse.”

Pryor said she appreciated the officer’s unique approach.

“I just thought it was something pretty cool that JSO did,” she said.

As of Monday morning, the original video had more than 320,000 views online.

News4Jax has requested to speak with the responding officer about his musical approach to keeping the peace.

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