St. Johns County firefighters have volunteer group in their corner

2nd Alarmers Association supports fire department on, off scene

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – When firefighters from St. Johns County Fire and Rescue spring into action, they aren't alone, thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers from the 2nd Alarmers Association of St. Johns County.

The volunteers support the needs of first responders both on and off the scene, doing everything from providing firefighters with water to exchanging and refilling air tanks.

“Supporting St. Johns County Fire and Rescue is our way of giving back,” said Dave Kirschbaum, founder of the group. “The volunteers receive a text when there is a fire and those that can go help will be there to do whatever they can.”

Kirschbaum said his group leaves the risky business to the professionals.

“We don’t do anything dangerous or anything that we aren’t qualified to do,” he said. “We let those who are trained handle the main tasks, and we are there to offer support.”

They also help with community outreach by assisting with CPR training and promoting fire prevention in St. Johns County schools.

“(I) just can’t say enough about the dedication and support by this wonderful group of people,” Chief Brian Yeoman, with the department’s South Battalion, posted on the group’s Facebook page. “We are sincerely grateful for all that you do for us at training, special events and on fire scenes! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

The group of volunteers, some 30 strong, say this is just their way of giving back to and supporting St. Johns County's firefighters.

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