Rocket science blasts into reality for Bishop Kenny students

High school students design, build, launch rockets Friday

JACKSONVILLE – Bishop Kenny High School is literally teaching rocket science as students soar in design, technology and engineering. Students fired off rockets they made with a 3D printer on Friday.

Bishop Kenny High School Students launched rockets they designed, engineered and manufactured in the classroom.

Teacher Scott Givonetti took digital information technology students out to the school’s softball field to launch the rockets they designed and created with the use of one of the school's 3D printers.

GALLERY: Students launch 3D printed rockets

At the heart of the project is the design process that provides a framework to teach 21st century concepts, including collaboration and creativity.  Students learned 3D modeling and printing using a variety of software, and honed their math skills with applied trigonometry in combination with the clever application of an iPad app used for home construction.  

Givonetti observed, “STEM literacy is more than just math or science knowledge; it’s learning to work together in a technology-rich future where challenges will require a mix of skills found in this project.”

Students were grouped in fours and asked to reflect on the challenge of how to design a reliable rocket using a paper towel tube and four student-designed components.

After that, they enjoyed firing off their rockets and watching their hard work succeed high in the sky.