Good Samaritan returns Baker County man's lost money

Chad Munn misplaced $120 while at coffee shop

MACCLENNY, Fla. – A Baker County man is thankful a good Samaritan found and returned $120 in cash he thought was long gone.

Chad Munn is a husband and father of two. His 9-month-old child recently broke his leg and medical bills have been coming in the mail.

Munn was in a coffee shop when he dropped the money.

"You drop $5, you can let it go," Munn said. "You're mad anything beyond that."

Munn reported he'd lost the money to the Baker County Sheriff's Office. After a couple of days, he received a call from a sergeant who said someone turned in his money.

"It was a big sum of money for the things that we need," Munn said. "A very happy phone call to make to my wife."

Munn knows he won't ever meet the anonymous person who returned the money, but wants that person to know he's forever grateful.

"Thank you very much for your honesty and integrity and for doing the right things when no one was watching," Munn said. "That's the sign of a good person."

After getting the money back, Munn said he took the money straight to the bank.

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