Barks and Brews in Neptune Beach benefits dog rescue group

Founders of BrewHound raise money for Florida Urgent Rescue


NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – You could call this a Pawsitively  Jacksonville story.

It was all Barks and Brews in Neptune Beach today for an event set to raise money for Florida Urgent Rescue, also known as FUR.

The dog-friendly event was held on Poinciana Road where BrewHound will open its new company, BrewHound in Janruary.

BrewHound will be a dog park & bar in Neptune Beach featuring Bold Bean coffee, local craft beer and wine on tap. 

Barks & Brews is a place for people to bring their dogs and enjoy a beer, all on the land of the future site of BrewHound.  

Lauren Wyckoff and Jason Underwood, co-own BrewHound.

"We invited all of these folks to come out and just enjoy the property before we break ground."

Right now the land is clear, but before breaking ground , the owners of the upcoming dog park and bar wanted to host a charity event for an animal group called FUR.

Some of the owners, a husband and wife team, focus on the local community of dog lovers.

They said, when opened, BrewHound, located at 2157 Poinciana Road in Neptune Beach, will be a unique experience.

"They will be able to enter the facility and if they are members bring them to the off leash area behind you and if you don't have a membership, you can still access the bar for craft brews, coffee and wine.

There will be a specific place for small dogs, and a specific place for large dogs to play.
The business goal is for people to get outside with their dogs and enjoy Neptune Beach.
ALL donations for any beverage sold at Barks & Brews supports FUR.

Fur's mission is to improve the lives of shelter and rescue animals, to assist in urgent rescue situations and to implement resources to help these animals.