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Royalty stops in Jacksonville to volunteer

International Woman Queens of Queens using her crown to promote volunteerism

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A former Florida news anchor who last year became Ms. Woman United States has a new royal title.  

Sierra Scott, the newly crowned Today's International Woman Queens of Queens, is using her crown to inspire others to volunteer at places that help people who are less fortunate.

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Scott's long title carries a lot of responsibilities, one of which is making appearances all over the country. Her goal is to complete community projects in all 50 states. When she returned to Florida, she chose Jacksonville as a location to promote volunteerism.

Sierra Scott is crowned Today’s International Woman Queen of Queens.

On Thursday, the International Woman Queen of Queens spent the morning volunteering at Feeding Northeast Florida, an organization in Jacksonville that distributes food to people with food insecurities.

“A lot of people have many problems, but people with no food only have one," Scott said. "I think that really hits home because, if you don’t have food to eat, that’s your only concern.”

Scott had changed out of her gown and crown and was wearing everyday clothes as she picked and bagged donated potatoes for families in need of food.

"It's so inspiring to see how motivated you are to be helping in the community," Molly Sweet, volunteer manager for Feeding Northeast Florida, told Scott. 

When Scott competed for the title, her platform was about promoting volunteerism at shelters, hospitals and any place where people in need can get help. 

“It brings hope or happiness, or it changes the day of someone," she said.

Then there are times when a volunteer doesn't see the person they’re helping. 

“I don’t see the people who are going to be fed by this, but I know, at some point, it will go to someone who really needs it and appreciates it," Scott said.

Eighteen years ago, Scott and I worked together at a television station in the Tampa Bay area. I asked her if, back then, she ever imagined being where she is now.

“If you would have come up to me in the station and said, 'By the way, in 18 years, you’re going to be in a pageant. You’re going to win the national pageant. You’re going to travel all over the United States doing projects,' I would have said, 'Yes, you’re crazy,'" Scott said, laughing. 

Feeding Northeast Florida is always looking for volunteers. Anyone who is interested in helping can call 904-513-1333 or learn more by visiting feedingnefl.org.

As for Scott, the volunteering adventure continues. 

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