Group shelters homeless women, children, seniors

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home honored with Positively Jax award

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The word “miracle” is part of its name: the Alpha-Omega Miracle Home.It is there to support the new faces of homelessness: single mothers, their children and senior women.

The goal is to leave the chaos and uncertainty of their lives behind and give them the tools to become self-sufficient and find new purpose in life.

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The group gives the young mothers and their children a sense of family by pairing them with senior women. And that’s a two-way street. The young mothers gain a new sense of family and are mentored and capitalize on learning about life from the senior women and the seniors find a new purpose in life realizing they are much needed, valued and loved.

At the core of this effort is what they call the GROW checklist. It is an acronym. 

Gain knowledge of what needs to change in their lives
Rise to the challenge of what it takes to make those changes
Open the door to the new changes in your life
Win success by becoming self-sustaining

“It’s not all cupcakes and roses,” said Paige Madancy, a single mother of two.

Madancy used to be homeless. Now she works to encourage other young women who needed help and found it.

“It takes a lot of commitment and sacrifices. But if you want it, it’s there for you. They put me on a path to success in life,” she said.

Talk to the women who have met success at the Alpha-Omega Miracle Home and they will tell you it’s more than a place to stay, it’s a place to start.

For that reason, WJXT is pleased to honor the Alpha-Omega Miracle Home with our October Positively Jax award.

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