Boy's stolen bike gets replaced with new one by Baker County deputy

Deputy, donor decide to right a wrong in time for the holidays


MACCLENNY, Fla. – What began as a sad loss for a young boy has been turned around completely by a thoughtful deputy and citizen.

A boy has a new bicycle just in time for Christmas, thanks to the Baker County Sheriff’s Office. 

The 11-year-old was playing on the playground in Macclenny when he said he saw a man steal his bike, put it in his van and drive off. When the Baker County Sheriff's Office learned of the theft, deputies stepped in to right a wrong.

Trey Haynes loves to ride his bicycle and play outside.

"I really loved my bike. It was, like, my way of getting back and forth and how I had met some of my friends," Haynes said. He was heartbroken when he saw his bike stolen, so he called police.

Deputy Andy Crews responded to the boy's call, drove him home and told his parents what happened.

"I was really surprised that someone would, in broad daylight, have the nerve to take a bike and stick it in their van, especially when the kid is running up saying, 'Hey, that’s my bike', That’s a different kind of evil that exists," said George Haynes, Trey's dad.

Unfortunately, the bike was not found, but Crews couldn’t let it go.

"I thought about it for days and days, and I thought, 'Who just does that to a child?'" Crews said.

By what some would say was meant to be, an anonymous citizen came up to the Sheriff’s Office and wanted to donate something worth $500. It just so happened that Crews was on duty that day.

"I got out. I talked to the lady for a while, and I said, "Man, this is a perfect fit for Trey," Crews said.

So Crews bought Trey a new bike, for which he is so grateful.

"Thank you. It’s really thoughtful, and of course it’s around Christmastime, a season of giving. It really made my day," he said.


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