Helping seniors earns Hart Felt Ministries Positively Jax honors

Hart Felt Ministries makes a Positively Jax difference in the lives of seniors by providing companionship and helping them with daily chores, things that most people take for granted.

Founded in 2003, the agency established a network of volunteers who will visit with clients, do light housekeeping, grocery shopping and even yard work. And, if the need is a bit greater, they try and fill that need.  

For example, if seniors might need wheelchairs to get around, they’ll solicit local licensed contractors to volunteer and help by building wheelchair ramps to improve mobility.

“After I fell and broke my neck, I learned about this organization which helps senior citizens," said one person helped by the group. "They have installed grab bars for me, repaired a flaring stove burner, provided transportation to doctors appointments and installed a ramp at my front door for me and my handicapped daughter.

"As a handicapped senior, I am so grateful for their help.”

If there’s a financial need, Hart Felt works to help provide emergency financial assistance as well.

Clients must be 70 or older and have a chronic illness or disease.

To learn more about Hart Felt Ministries visit https://hartfelt.org/.

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