Jacksonville man loses 245 lbs, inspires others to get healthy


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One Jacksonville man has conquered a feat not many can relate to. At 46 years old, Bill Pollackov can say he has lost a whopping 245 pounds. 

The father of two told News4Jax his weightloss transformation didn't happen overnight. Bill says he realized he was leading not only himself but his family down an unhealthy and destructive path when he decided to make a change. 


After four years of hard work, dedication and drive, Bill has lost 245 pounds. 

"My wife has also lost nearly 100 pounds, my son went from being a couch potato to a varsity athlete, and my whole family has done a Spartan race together," Bill said. 

He is now inspiring and encouraging others to live their "best lives" by staying healthy and in shape. 

"I started this journey for two reasons," Bill told News4Jax. "One, I did not want to die as my father did early in life. He died at age 59 due to weight-related illness. Two, I could not do anything anymore. Being a very active person when I was young, I simply could not enjoy life anymore."

Bill credits his weight loss to eating healthy and staying active.

He has completed more than 20 "Spartan races," including the Ultra Beast which is a 31-mile run with over 80 obstacles. Bill has run other 5K races and plans to do more.

Tips from Bill on reaching your weight loss goal:

  • Eat healthily! Your calories can be your friend or your enemy. Avoid hollow calories from over-processed foods, bleached flours, and sugars. 
  • Use a dietitian that can help you stay on track! Accountability is a huge part of being successful in weight loss!
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise! You don't have to do anything crazy, but get moving!! Do a little more each week. 
  • Document your journey. It is very very important for you to be able to look back to see how far you have come. 
  • Throw your scale AWAY! Your daily / weekly weight sometimes does not accurately reflect your progress. Increased performance in exercise, better fitting clothes, and medical test results are your best indicator!
  • Do NOT get discouraged. Keep moving forward. Each step you take is a step closer to your goal.

Weight loss often comes with excess skin, which is something Bill has. Sometimes excess skin can be a burden and hinder certain workouts and sometimes be painful. 


"Bill has an excessive amount of skill on his belly and legs," a GoFundMe page for Bill said. "Insurance has decided this is not a health issue, and will not cover the surgery. While he would never say it, the extra skin really gets in the way when he is working out, and especially during the Spartan races when he is doing obstacles." 

Bill told News4Jax he had successful skin removal surgery for his stomach in June of 2017 and plans to do his thighs down the road.


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