Freedom & makeover: Mother's Day gift for non-violent offenders

Mothers get bailed out by ministry so they can spend holiday with children

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Just ahead of Mother's Day, Legacy Ministries bailed out a select number of women who were jailed for non-violent offences, giving them free beauty makeovers

Lisa Washington of Legacy Ministries launched the initiative in an effort to boost the community by bringing hope to women and help change the direction of their lives.

The women were provided a day of beauty Friday at the Total Beauty Institute, which included getting their hair and nails done.

"They found me when I was hopeless -- had no hope. I felt like no one was going to be there for me, incarcarated, drowning in my sorrows, sick and was ready to give up," said Kelly Ford, who was selected for a makeover. "I was almost contemplating suicide as I was lying there in the bed, and it was almost like an angel appeared to me."

Tonia Bell is the director of the Total Beauty Institute. She partnered with Legacy Ministries to help the women feel better about life and their future.

"When vision meets purpose, there's destiny," Bell said. "Whenever you've been through any type of hardship -- it doesn't have to be just being in prison. Sometimes we are out of prison and still in prison."

On Saturday at noontime, there will be a mother-daughter luncheon at the Legacy Ministries Worship Center featuring a fashion show with the women selected for a makeover. The address is 847 University Boulevard North.

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