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Fundraiser for two members of JSO hurt on job raises $8,000

Officer Chris Rouselle, Sgt. Joshua Wiggins injured in January

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A fundraiser held Saturday evening to benefit two Jacksonville police officers injured on the job in January raised $8,000.

Officer Chris Rouselle was in a car crash during a chase and had to have a neck infusion surgery and elbow surgery. Sgt. Joshua Wiggins was also involved in that accident when attempting to stop someone who robbed a store and kidnapped an elderly man. He was deliberately hit by a vehicle and suffered severe right leg injuries while laying down stop sticks.

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Both suffered severe injuries that required long hospital stays and rehabilitation but were thrilled at how many people turned out to support them at the fundraiser.

'It's a blessing for everyone to come together the way that they are... people I've never met before. Police officers, veterans, friends of friends, a family of friends," Rouselle said. "One of the main things is being a police officer, you put yourself into a situation you wouldn't normally put yourself into. I know for myself and Sgt. Wiggins, we would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Because that's what we do as police officers. That's what we're here for."

Wiggins said the fundraiser was important to him and Rouselle. "It means a lot ... being at home, being out of work, we don't get a lot of camaraderie. I don't go out much, so coming to something like this and seeing people who care, people I love and people I don't even know that care... it means the world. It's a godsend," Wiggins said.

He said the money raised will help him deal with the setback of his injuries.

"It's to help us out financially. I think everyone knows with officers, you get a lot of off-duty opportunities. But in situations like what we have... me and Officer Rouselle, I can't do that. So it helps us, it helps my kids, it helps my wife and it helps us pay the bills a little bit," Wiggins said.

He also thanked firefighters and first responders for the great work they do every day to save lives.