Volunteers clean up McCoys Creek, pull lots of trash from waterway

Buckets of trash were loaded Sunday by crews cleaning up creek

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – McCoys Creek is known for its flooding. Anytime it rains, water pours from the creek into the St. Johns River carrying trash with it. Volunteers showed up Sunday to clean up the waterway and filled a big plastic bucket with all sorts of garbage after just 15 minutes of scavenging for trash.

Environmentalists say it's an ongoing problem, which is why a group called Rising Tides got together to help pull the trash out of the creek.

Murray Hill families and friends showed up at Powers Park on Sunday to help in the cleanup effort.

Rising Tides is a young professional group that wants to help keep the St. Johns River clean.

"We are trying to work with the community to make sure they are disposing of trash properly, so it doesn't flow into the river," said Megan Riggs, with the River Keepers office.

Trash can easily be seen in the water and grass. It's a big problem because this trash winds up in the river.

In December, when heavy rains caused major flooding, rushing waters pushed an espcially large amount of trash into the river, polluting it.

"The St. Johns River in Jacksonville is one of the most beautiful gems, and special to Florida. If it's not pretty, we won't attract people who want to keep living here," Riggs said.

Protecting the river is so important to this group of volunteers, they do it monthly.

The next cleanup is on Aug.18. The group supplies the cleanup tools, gloves and grabbers. All ages can participate.

To join the monthly cleanup, check out Rising Tides website.

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