Many Duval County students will go back to school with free haircuts

Kimberly Clarke Salon has offered 'Cuts for Confidence' for past 12 years

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Duval County students will head back to school Monday and many of them will start the school year with a fresh haircut.

Kimberly Clarke Salon's 'Cuts for Confidence' started 12 years ago and this year, more children than ever came out to get their hair cut for free. Three sisters came together to give their time to help dozens of kids start the 2019-2020 school year off right, by feeling good about having a new haircut.

One sister is a salon stylist.

"It's more for us than the kids," Kimberly Townsend said. "It feeds our souls, and I wouldn't miss it."

Another sister is a kindergarten teacher in Duval County.

"As a teacher, I see firsthand exactly how this impacts these children. They just walk out the door so proud and happy and full of joy and it gives the parents a lot of relief for back-to-school," Carrie Whitsell said.

Cuts for Confidence is everything you would expect from a professional costly haircut. But for it's free for the kids. 

The owner of Kimberly Clarke Salon, Kimberly Jackson, said: "It's important for children to start off the school year feeling confident, and a hair cut does just that."

One student taking advantage of the free haircut is giving back to those who need hair. 

"I just wanted to be helpful and donate (hair)," Madison Lansdell said.

Her mother couldn't be more proud.

"Madison had about six inches cut off of her hair, and she's donating it to Locks of Love. She did it on the spur of the moment. I'm super proud of her, couldn't be prouder and she looks beautiful," Tracy Lansdell said.

Locks of Love uses donated hair to make wigs for those who lose their hair due to cancer treatments.

Stylists also taught the kids how to style their hair, and how they can make things easier on themselves getting ready for school in the morning. 

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