Students at Jacksonville elementary school surprised with new shoes

Saint Clair Evans Academy students jumping for joy thanks to area organizations

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Students at a Jacksonville elementary school got a big surprise Monday. 

More than 450 students at Saint Clair Evans Academy had a lot to smile about Monday morning when they were given new shoes and socks and had their feet washed, thanks to a partnership between the school, BB&T and Samaritan's Feet International.

"It feels good because I've grown through all my old shoes. I used to wear a size 4. Now, I wear a size 6," said Mitchell Blunt, a student at Saint Clair Evans Academy. "Thank you for getting the new shoes."

Volunteers also encouraged the students, who are now walking into the beginning of the new school year in style and comfort.

"They're getting brand-new shoes. Some of them, this is the first time. Some of them had on their sisters' shoes. Some them, their shoes are just too small and so we have an opportunity to put shoes on every single child," said Lawanda Polydore, principal of Saint Clair Evans Academy. "People care about the children in this community and the children in this community deserve someone to care enough about them to provide them with something as basic as new shoes."  

Polydore said the opportunity will help her students better focus on learning.


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