Providence School fills 53-foot trailer with supplies for Bahamas relief

Parents, community respond with donations to help after Hurricane Dorian

Provided by Providence School

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville families continue to rally to help those still suffering in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

Providence School of Jacksonville started a Bahamas Recovery Project two weeks ago to fill a 53-foot semi-trailer with supplies to send to the devastated islands.

The truck was donated by Chris Cline, a parent at the school who is the president of corporate traffic logistics in Florida.

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Parents of Providence students stepped up to donate and spread the word about the project to the surrounding community, and the response was overwhelming.

Provided by Providence School

After two weeks, the truck was stuffed with generators, tarps, medical items, cleaning supplies, diapers, food, water and more.

Volunteers spent hours sorting and packing the supplies before loading them onto the truck, which headed south to Melbourne on Friday. EMS Shipping will help deliver the supplies from South Florida to the Bahamas.

Provided by Providence School

Before the truck headed out, the Lower School students at Providence took time to pray over the truck and bless its journey and those who will be helped by the supplies.

Provided by Providence School

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