Positively Jax: Granting wishes for military members, families in need

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Volunteers who work tirelessly for Wish for Our Heroes understand the hardships of active military life.

The organization's goal is to ease the hardships for men and women serving our country -- often for little pay -- and their families, who have to deal with separations during a loved one's deployments.

Joe Pearce, who runs the organization locally, said they focus on meeting basic needs first.

He said most of the service members they help are young and haven't established themselves financially yet, so military life can be a struggle.

Pearce is making a "Positively Jax" difference by meeting wish requests from the service members and their families -- wishes like putting food on the table, paying for car repairs or making sure families have the baby supplies they need.

The members of Wish for Our Heroes understand small issues can spiral into larger issues like divorce or even suicide.

They want to make life "a little easier" and "improve the quality of life for these military members and their families."

Pearce said one military member asked for a wheelchair lift for his family vehicle to help his loved one.

When basic needs have been met, the organization focuses on making life a little more comfortable and fun, getting troops tickets to local athletic events or even helping families take a vacation together after being separated during deployment, so they become reacquainted.

Pearce said a great volunteer staff at his organization helps ensure that 97 cents of every dollar raised by Wish for Our Heroes goes to help military members and their families.

Pearce became emotional when he talked about the gratitude his organization receives from the families that have been helped.

If you'd like to help the cause, you can learn more about Wish for Our Heroes at: https://www.wishforourheroes.org/chapters/north-florida/.

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