Too young to learn philanthropy? This preschool doesn’t think so

Students learn kindness, empathy at The Learning Experience preschool

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With the holiday season in full swing, a local preschool is making sure its students learn the importance of kindness and giving back at a young age.

The Learning Experience is teaching philanthropic curriculum to its preschoolers -- even making it something to sing about.

“We always teach them if you’re giving, you make other people’s hearts happy and you make your heart bigger and bigger, even if you have a small body, and they get super excited about that,” VPK teacher Nicole Simmons said.

News4Jax spent some time inside the classroom and saw that the students are practicing these lessons all day long, not just when they are focusing on the curriculum specifically.

But even more importantly, it’s something they get excited about and the teachers hope will stay with them the rest of their lives.

“We think if we’re teaching them and introducing them to these concepts of kindness and thinking of others first that hopefully they will be better citizens and feel like contributing and giving and thinking of other people and being kind is natural to them,” said Dr. Grace Huxtable-Mount, owner of The Learning Experience.

The students are taught the importance of giving back every month, all year long.

Kindness, empathy and generosity are taught through stories, puppet shows and with the help of two friendly characters: Charity and Grace.


Each month, the students learn a new keyword. This month, it’s “give,” and the students are collecting items to give to Toys for Tots.

Huxtable-Mount said the preschool has used the curriculum for several years, but every year it expands and gets bigger and better.

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