Positively Jax: Enjoy a safe, fun event with Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project is back for its 13th year in the River City. Starting tonight at 6 dozens of filmmakers will convene on the now James Weldon Johnson Park to start the competition.

It begins when registered teams spin a wheel and receive a genre on the spot. They must create a film in their assigned genre with at least one character, deliver a pre-designated line and use a chosen prop. Most importantly and at all costs, the film must be finished in 48 hours or else be disqualified.

The event tests the limits of even the most creative and experienced filmmakers in Jacksonville and the stakes are huge.

“The winner of this city goes on to compete with teams from L.A., New York, Miami, Mexico City, Tokyo, you know France—you know Paris. There’s a lot of cool things involved with this” For the filmmakers participating this could be a career game changer since it’s a great opportunity to network and build a portfolio,” City Producer of Jacksonville 48 Hour Project Adam Madrid said.

For those taking part in the event, it could be a game-changer since it’s a great opportunity to network and build a portfolio. For bystanders, it’s one big entertaining site, complete with music from D.J. Jimmie Hustle and nearby food trucks. The most entertaining site is watch the scramble as the countdown to 48 hours officially begins,

“Once we tell people, ‘Alright you guys got 48 hours go!’ And you see everyone take off. It’s such a really cool and fun experience to see. It’s great to watch with family in friends” Madrid said.

The organizers of this year’s event are taking every coronavirus precaution seriously and plan to strictly enforce them. Event precautions include face masks and social distancing for teams and by standers. Teams will undergo n additional temperature check before they’re allowed to continue in the competition. Gloves are required where the organizers deem necessary, like when teams take turns spinning the wheel.

“Safety is our number one priority here. We’re telling people safe, but fun. Many other cities who usually participate canceled their events, but with so much going on in the world and people feeling down, we wanted to continue. We also thought this would be a good way to show people we can still have events in the city, but do it safely,” Madrid said.

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Once the competition is over and the films are finished, organizers will hold a screening, which will be available for the public to attend.

The premiere screenings will be held at MOSH in the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium from August 30-September 1. Social distancing will be enforced and so, capacity will be limited.

BUY TICKETS: Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project Premiere Screenings

The doors to the MOSH will open at 6:30 p.m. for check-in and concessions. Screenings start at 7:30 in and will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers.

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