MAD DADs start life skills program for teenagers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Mad Dads of Jacksonville is relaunching a program to help teenage boys excel in life. It’s called Life Skills University.

President, Donald Foy, said the program is two-fold. It teaches young boys how to play basketball and also teaches them the skills they need to succeed in life, including conflict resolution, goal setting, and job placement.

“We are hoping that they remain crime-free, but number two we would hope that they would go on and to become the next Barrack Obama, the next doctor, the next captain of a ship, the captain in the armed forces,” explained Foy. “Not everybody is college material but what we want to do is help them focus on not just being an NBA star.”

Foy said another major part of the program is improving communication with law enforcement.

“One of the most important parts of it at this time, is increasing the relationship between these young men and law enforcement because there’s a problem between them and law enforcement,” said Foy. “They fear law enforcement and that’s just not good communication and we can see that because of what’s going on around the nation.”

Foy encourages teenage boys between 14-18 years old to get involved in the program. For more information, call 904-718-1649 or 904-588-6145.

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