Jacksonville family hosts ‘Edie Day’ to honor daughter who unexpectedly passed away at 3 years old

They hope to raise $50K to light up Westside field

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville family has launched a campaign to light up the Westside Baptist Sports Field in honor of their daughter.

Edie Crews was just 3 years old when she unexpectedly passed away.

Despite Saturday’s weather, dozens of people came out in their pink and yellow to the westside field to support the Crews family at the league’s weekly flag football game in support of “Edie Day.”

Ryan Frontz said Edie was a huge part of the sports league.

“We wanted to set aside a day to kind of honor her, honor her family and then kick off a campaign to light up the park in Edie’s name so that way for generations and years to come, Edie’s impact can be filled,” Frontz said.

Visitors who attended the game were able to purchase barbecue, baked goods and jewelry with proceeds being donated in Edie’s honor.

“Setting apart a day like this with all the volunteers that are helping out and then allowing Edie’s impact to be felt for years to come by families. Maybe I’ve never even met her to know how wonderful she was,” Frontz said.

The foundation needs to raise about $50,000 to $60,000 to light up the park. So far, they have raised over $10,000.