Group of kids feeds hungry, serves community

By Ashley Mitchem - Reporter, anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - When you think about your average group of middle-schoolers over the summer, you probably don't imagine them getting out in the community and helping others. But that's what one group of kids is doing.

They are called Teens in Training, kids who go to Ortega United Methodist Church's Vacation Bible School.

They broke out in a flash mob right before lunchtime Friday in Hemming Plaza, a place where many people in need gather during the day.

"I thought it was really cool that we we able to speak to these people through God and teach them about him," rising seventh-grader Mattie Ross said.

Church members say it's a part of their mission theme this week to "Live It!"

"We can sit in church and read our Bibles and then we can go home and do nothing, or we can actually do what it says. And that's what we've done this week," said church member Angie Morales.

After the flash mob, the group did what it came to do in the first place -- feed the hungry.

"One person even said -- because we put Bible verses in there -- and one person said that it really spoke to her and it was just what she needed right then," Ross said. "So I thought that was kind of cool."

The kids have been blessing the community all week in different ways.

"This week we have gone and visited our widows in the church and delivered flowers and serenaded them, and we visited Normandy Children's Village, took snacks and played with the children there," Morales said.

The church does this every year during Vacation Bible School and also once a week throughout the year.

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