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Happy Gilmore versus a clown? Celebrate that and more on National Miniature Golf Day

Saturday is National Miniature Golf Day

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Happy Gilmore was obviously none too pleased with the clown in that famous golf movie. 

Any fan of that movie -- and there lots of them -- cracks up at the scene where Gilmore (or Adam Sandler as he's known in real life) gets so mad over not being able to putt the ball past a clown obstacle on a minigolf course that he smashes the clown's nose with his putter and screams at it in frustration.


While it's likely most people haven't experienced such a fit of rage playing minigolf, there is no question how popular the activity is.

Minigolf is a staple of entertainment for families and has even become a component portrayed in several movies and TV shows. In honor of Saturday being National Miniature Golf Day, find out some more fun facts, both historical and cultural, about minigolf. 

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