Jacksonville dad creates company to help Autistic son

A local father created a company that sells healthy snacks - in hopes of helping his son who has autism. Mark Ansley now sells Zack's snacks to schools, colleges and even professional sports teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars. Our Elizabeth Campbell sat down with Mark and has more on how Zack's Snacks is bettering more than just the life of his son.

The doctors told Mark that Zack didn't need medicine -- just a good dose of omega 3 acids -- to support his focus, clarity, mood and development. So, feed Zack foods with omega 3 acids? Sounds easy, but Mark says because of Zack's heightened sense of taste and smell, it was a daily challenge to get him to eat nutritious foods.

That's when Mark decided it was time to create something himself for his son. Under Snap Foods -- foods that are simple, natural and always pure -- Mark created Zack's Snacks. The Snap Foods journey started for Mark and Zack in 2010. They then participated in One Spark in 2013 and 2014 which helped them raise money for branding and packaging. Their number one product is the omega rounds -- a baked snack loaded with omega 3 essential fatty acids and flavorful ingredients like raisins, walnuts and chocolate chips.

But, Mark quickly realized that Zack wasn't the only one who could benefit from Zack's Snacks. They were good for kids AND adults, especially athletes. The omega rounds are now in Duval County schools AND have been picked up by professional athletes.

Right now the omega rounds are the only snack on the market, but soon they will release a parfait, a gelato, and ice cream sandwich and an ice cream bar. Eventually you'll be able to find Zack's Snacks in local health food stores, but for now you can learn more by going to MyZackSnacks.com.