The Changing Perceptions of Tattoos throughout the World

Once up on a time getting inked (tattooed) held a negative stigma.  That has changed rapidly over the last decade.  Gone are the days where people might get one tattoo and keep it hidden for their own private joy.  These days, you are just as likely to see a woman with sleeves (arm covered in ink) as you are a man.  The tattoos are displayed proudly for the world to see.  I have always been the adventurous type and a bit of an ink lover myself.  I caught wind of one of Jacksonville’s more popular tattoo artists, Dee Peacock.  It seemed only right that I sit in his chair and let him do work for our interview.

In our wide ranging conversation, I learned some of the reasons the negativity against tattoos has died down, who is most likely to have work done, and also how the art form has evolved.