Chalk Pops with Crystal Rodriguez

Keep the kids busy without electronic devices!

Art educator, Crystal Rodriguez stopped by the show with some friends to show us how easy it is to make chalk pops! Check out her instructions below!


2/3 cup Plaster of Paris

2 tbs. Tempera Paint

1/3 cup cold water

Wood Craft Sticks


Silicone Pop Mold

-        Make Sure water is 40 -50 degrees

-        Step 1:  Mix water and paint in a cup

-        Step 2: Stir in Plaster of Paris until it's the consistency of thin yogurt

-        Step 3: Pour mixture into molds, allow to cure for 24 hours

What can you do with your newly created chalk pops? How about a fun game of sidewalk tic tac toe? Or let out your inner Picasso by creating a chalk mural. You can never go wrong with an old-fashioned game of hopscotch!

Let us know what creative projects you use to keep the kids entertained!