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Need-to-know makeup tips: perfect brows & bronzer

Makeup artist Carrie Wilson shares ideas to help you look and feel your best

How To Shape The Perfect Brow | River City Live
How To Shape The Perfect Brow | River City Live

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Brows frame the face. They give us structure and can immediately lift us up, making us look more youthful and rested. There are a lot of products on the market. Here are some tips, courtesy of makeup artist Carrie Wilson, to make your brows look their best.

Which product is right for you? Do you have brow hair, but they are sparse in some areas?

Choose a powder with an angled brush. This will allow the product to get down to the skin.

Are you missing hair on a large portion of the brow area?

Choose a pencil to mimic the look of hair. The thinner the pencil, the better.

Do you have white or grey brows?

Choose a brow mascara in a similar shade to your brow hair to cover these and groom the brow.

My brows don’t look the same. What do I do?

I always say brows are sisters, not twins. It is our job to make them look like twins. Everyone is slightly asymmetrical. Do your best to lift the brow with pencil, powder or gel to mimic the other side.

How to Properly Apply Bronzer | River City Live
How to Properly Apply Bronzer | River City Live

Bronzer is a very popular product, but it is often one that is left out of a client’s makeup bag, or worse not used in the right way. Bronzer is surrounded with questions. Should it have shimmer? Where do I put it? And what is it really for? Is it to contour? These are all very common questions.

What is it for?

Bronzer adds warmth to our skin tone. It helps us look healthy and fresh, but is most often used to make up for warmth we are missing. In the summer, we are diligent about covering our face with sunscreen, the widest brim hat and big sunglasses to prevent aging. This is amazing, but can leave our faces three to four shades lighter than our body. This is what bronzer is made for. It can warm up our face to match the rest of our body.

Where do we apply it?

Apply your bronzer on the neck, cheek bones, forehead, nose and chin. Use a large fluffy brush and blend well.

Is it made to contour?

Yes and no. I am not a big fan of contouring. It makes a client feel that there is a need to change the structure and shape of their face. The beauty of applying a little bronzer it is does naturally give face more dimension. True contouring is a difficult process and, if not done right, can actually lower or bone structure and can look very unnatural.

Shimmer or matte?

I prefer a matte bronzer as this is best for all ages. A shimmer bronzer can place shimmer all over the neck and face and can look too glowy, especially for our oily skin clients. I prefer to use a highlighter in specific areas if I want to add shimmer.