All About Eye Makeup! with Carrie Wilson | River City Live

The eyes are the window to the soul and these days when we are out in public, it is about all people see. Time to step up our eye game. Smiling with your eyes is a real thing. Even though we have masks on, people can tell when you are smiling at them.

1. Fill in the brows to frame your eye.

2. If you wear glasses make sure to line your eyes. Otherwise, our eyes seem to disappear through our frames.

3. Play with tones that play up your eyes. For instance, plums and purples are great for green eyes. If in doubt, choose shades similar to your skintone and go with neutrals.

4. Line the eye on the top lash line or all the way around, but never just under. This will pull the eyes down.

5. Always conceal under the eyes to look nice and awake