Look Your Best During Zoom Calls with Carrie Wilson | River City Live

We are certainly doing a lot more video and zoom calls these days as many continue to work from home and opt to have client meetings online. Some of us have stopped wearing makeup, or wear our usual makeup look and forget we don’t look quite the same on a video. Here are 4 tips to help you look your best during those professional video calls.

1. Conceal under the eyes to brighten up. Important to look fresh and awake.

2. Don’t worry too much about a lot of foundation as the camera won’t show every little imperfection. Instead, focus on shine and areas of redness or blemishes.

3. Color is a must. This goes for your cheeks and lips. Check what you look like in the camera before you pop on the video call. Make changes accordingly.

4. When it comes to eyes liner and lashes will go a lot farther than you think. Eye shadow is just an extra if you want to go there.

BIG TIPS: Lighting and the angle of your camera are so important. Find a window, turn on some lights. Place your computer at eye level or a little above for your most flattering look.