Getting the Pantry Organized | River City Live

By Eden Kendall

Organizer Chris Stone said her most recent client, Season, was a “perfect pupil.”

Season was looking for a way to cut the clutter and create a less chaotic feel in her kitchen. The pandemic and approaching holidays had her feeling overwhelmed.

Chris Stone, of Neatly Designed, employed many of her usual tactics:

-Clear out the space

-Repaint and/or use contact paper to refresh the area

-Use organizing tools to keep like things together

-Place rarely used items on the higher shelves

For Season and her family, she added something new. A hanging wall container for the kids masks. Since Season needs to include a mask in the kids backpacks each day, she can just grab one when packing their lunch. All lunch implements are now kept on a rollaway cart.

To learn more about Chris Stone and for free organizing tips and tricks, visit www.neatlydesigned.com