Bringing Brian the Lion Back to Life! Stuffed Animal Restoration | River City Live

It’s a holiday miracle! Eden’s daughter’s beloved “Brian the Lion” stuffed animal received a makeover!

Here’s how it happened:

1) Unfortunately, there’s no way around cutting into Brian the Lion. So a small incision on one side was made, and all stuffing was removed.

2) Using detergent, Borax, and baking soda,  Brian was soaked for fifteen minutes then rinsed and rewashed.

3) It’s important to let your pal dry thoroughly.

4) Once dry, get out a toothbrush and begin the coiffing.

5) Eden purchased new fluff on Amazon, and decided to beef Brian up a bit. A few stitches to close up the incision and Brian was good to go. This is where purchasing a newborn outfit was helpful. And with Brian missing a limb, Eden was able to stuff the sleeve and sew it shut.

Have fun bringing your favorite furry friends back to life!