Try This Burrito Hack! | River City Live

By Eden Kendall

I tried a viral tortilla hack, and frankly, what I like about it isn’t that it’s any neater than a traditional burrito…it’s just a cool new take on taco night. It’s a fun way to create a burrito, quesadilla taco hybrid….and it is pretty genius..

So here’s what’s getting all the attention on social media…start with a tortilla….and cut halfway across. Next pile on the ingredients of your choosing…this is where a build your own taco night style spread works beautifully….place each ingredient in quarters…if you want more than four things…double up I guess….then start folding…here, I’m making two so Ill show you again…

Now, if this were a regular burrito we wouldn’t do anything else…but since it’s more of a hybrid…we can stick this in a panini maker or a crisp it up in a good old fashioned frying pan!

Still a little bit messy…but fun and delicious…and …I’m glad I made two!