Happy National Snack Month with Mia | River City Live

It’s National Snack Month! Snacking is a common way to bridge the gap between meals. According to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, more than 90% of Americans report snacking daily. The key is finding options that are tasty and nutritious. Registered Dietitian Mia Syn shares her smarter snacking tips!

Tip 1: Build snacks with staying power! Pairing protein with fiber will keep you satisfied without weighing you down. Some convenient nutritious options include apples with peanut butter, grass-fed beef meat sticks with sliced veggies or canned Mackerel with whole grain crackers.

Tip 2: Incorporate Immunity-supporting snacks: Smoothies are an easy way to pack fruits and veggies into your diet which provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support a healthy immune system. Get creative with different fruit combinations and leafy greens.

Tip 3: Satisfy your sweet snack cravings with nutritious options: Forgo candy for better-for-you sweet snacks like whole fruit pops, peanut butter-dipped dates, stevia-sweetened chocolate and baked apples with cinnamon.

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