The Caffeinated Cat Offers A Purr-fect Place to Hang Out | River City Live

By Eden Kendall

Feel like you’re running in circles these days, and you are looking for a new spot to relax among furry friends? Then head over to First Street North in Jax Beach.

Tammie King runs the Caffeinated Cat Café, where they offer coffees, lattes, espresso, flavored lemonades, herbal teas, water and ginger ale.

Tammie says the shop opened on Labor Day of 2019. “We have been a rescue group through Mayport Cats for about 17 years now. So we needed a new way to continue to educate the public. provide for more medical needs, spay and neuter, things like that. raise funds and get more cats adopted.”

Tammie serves drinks to her customers in a room that is separate from an area that houses several rescue cats. Customers can bring their beverage into the cat room but are warned that the cats love whipped cream. “That’s our disclaimer,” Tammie says.