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Recycling Do's and Don't's | River City Live
Recycling Do's and Don't's | River City Live

When it comes to recycling at home, everyone has a part to play. Beginning with the way you sort materials, and ending with our efficient recycling pickup, we can make sure recyclables are handled properly for a cleaner environment.

Follow these simple guidelines to become a better recycler. Working together, we can make sure recyclable materials don’t end up in our lakes and landfills.

1. Know what to throw

Make sure you’re putting the right materials in your recycling container — paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles and jugs.

2. Empty. Clean. Dry.

Keep all recyclables free of food and liquid. One dirty item can contaminate an entire truckload, so make sure recyclables are empty, clean and dry.

3. Don’t bag it

Never bag or bundle your recyclables. Items should be placed in the container loose, unless your city has specified otherwise.

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