How to Ease Post-Lockdown Separation Anxiety in Kids with Florence | River City Live

How to Ease Post-Lockdown Separation Anxiety in Kids with Florence | River City Live
How to Ease Post-Lockdown Separation Anxiety in Kids with Florence | River City Live

Say “Adios” to Anxiety! — How To Help a Stressed-Out Child

Build a Rockstar Routine

One of the most unnerving features about the outside world is just how unreliable it is. Thankfully, we can provide our little ones with a safe space by creating a rock-solid at-home routine.

While routines may seem dull at times, they provide humongous benefits for our brains. There’s now research that suggests those who follow a routine have lower stress levels, better sleep quality, and overall better health. Setting reliable patterns gives your kiddos a sense of comfort—plus, they’re great opportunities for bonding time!

If you need a few tricks on creating a successful at-home schedule, be sure to read my previous post on the subject.

Tasty… And Tension-Free! — Try a Calming Meal Plan

You’ve probably heard it a gazillion times by now, but it’s worth repeating: “We are what we eat!” Diet can play a significant role in decreasing your kiddo’s anxiety levels… so why not use it to your advantage?

While everyone has different dietary needs, here are a few foods nutritionists strongly recommend feeding stressed-out kiddos:

• Omega-3 rich fish (e.g., wild-caught salmon)

Pumpkin seeds


• Turmeric


• Yogurt

• Eggs

• Turkey

• Dark chocolate (yes, I’m not lying!)

If possible, try to add a few of these foods to your weekly routine. You could also bring your little one into the kitchen to help prep these meals. Trust me—it’s a lot easier to get kiddos to try new dishes if they feel like they were the chef!

FYI: If your little one is a picky eater, you’ve got to read this previous post to transform your kiddo into a connoisseur.

Don’t Fall Into the “Dehydration Dumps!”

While we’re on the subject of diet, you should pay extra attention to how much (or how little!) water your little ones are getting per day. Sometimes, symptoms we associate with anxiety could be signs of dehydration.

On average, pediatricians say your little one should drink at least their age in eight-ounce water bottles per day. So, if your little one is five, aim for five eight-ounce cups of water. Your little ones may need even more water if they are exercising or if they had a few dehydrating beverages like soda.

If your little one says plain water is “icky,” consider zesting up your hydration routine with beverages like chamomile tea, seltzer water, or high-quality fruit juices. You could also look into popular hydration boosters like Pedialyte or Liquid IV.

Push Away Paranoia With Regular Exercise

When we’re feeling too uptight, it’s a good idea to loosen up The research is clear: people who regularly exercise have lower rates of anxiety and depression. So, whatever sport your little one loves, you’ve gotta get them moving!

Giving your kiddo a chance to pound out all of their worries is a fantastic long-term strategy for success. Exercising together could also serve as a powerful bonding opportunity. While a bit of competition is fine, please emphasize that fitness should always be fun!