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A 3 Minute Makeup Routine You Need to Know | River City Live

Carrie Wilson was back with us today to talk about a three minute make up routine.  Carrie says that everyone should have a three min makeup routine.  Running late?  Don’t like to take time on your makeup?  Perfect!  This look is for you.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. CONCEALER is a must.  It brightens and lifts our face.

2. COVER - Just cover and major imperfections, such as blemishes etc.

3. BROW - If you have a defined brow move on, if not it is so important to frame the face.

4. MASCARA - Open and define eyes with a few swipes

5. ACCENTUATE THE CHEEKS - Maybe it’s bronzer or blush, but warm up those cheeks.

6. LIPS - Throw on a gloss, balm or lipstick that is 1 shade darker than your lip

Ready, set, go!  Run out of the house looking your best.

Learn more at Carriewilsonmakeup.com