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JaxBest scenic/nature trail: Timucuan Preserve | River City Live

Thirty miles of trail. When I hear that there is that much territory that one could hike with different flora and fauna, a variety of animals in their natural habitat along with a fort, waterways and more. I can see why you, our local experts, voted for Timucuan Preserve as Jacksonville’s best scenic trail.

Now when I speak of one who hikes, I’m not saying I wouldn’t hike. I can’t. Not to any length that these picturesque views deserve. Luckily, there is an app for that. Well, a website -- nps.gov/TIMU -- that I can get a lot of the experience of the trails and energy online. I can also find out about the classes and tours they offer along with information about becoming a volunteer.

But for those who hike, you will not be disappointed. I mentioned 30 miles of trail options. Sure, there are 1 mile teasers (that I might actually be able to handle), so there are different lengths that allow for any level of hiker to enjoy. And the tentacles of each trail offers adventures that allow for bird watching, or you can dive into history at Fort Caroline and Kingston Plantation, or get a water’s edge view from your kayak.

Because I said I wouldn’t be hiking, doesn’t mean you won’t see me out there. If nothing else, you’ll find me out at the Timucuan Preserve connecting with nature in a quiet area.