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How to Shop For Makeup and Skin Care Without Getting Overwhelmed | River City Live

Recently on vacation, makeup artist Carrie Wilson’s suitcase was lost .”It contained all of my toiletries and makeup. I had to run to the mall in a rush and pick out EVERY SINGLE THING which I thought would be fun and easy considering I am a professional artist. Well, I was very wrong. " Carrie wanted to teach all of us what she learned from this stressful situation.

Here are some tips, from Carrie, to keep your experience pleasant and easy.

1. Don’t wait until you’re out of EVERYTHING to shop. Shop for one or two things at a time. Pick a focus and go with it.

2. Ask questions and do your own research.

3. Try things on if possible. Feel the products and match colors when needed.

4. Remember, just because it is the trend or popular doesn’t mean it’s for you.

5. Seek out professional help when in doubt.