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Clay High Teacher & Coach Awarded ‘Teacher Of The Week’ | River City Live

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Hodges Mazda wants to thank our teachers. From June 28 through Aug. 23, 2021, we’re hosting a weekly submission for people to either enter themselves or a beloved teacher to win $1,000 for their classroom.

Today we awarded our third winner. Rob Thompson teacher and coach at Clay High. He was nominated by his daughter.

“My father Rob Thompson has been serving as an educator, and a beloved coach in Clay County for 35 years. The name Rob Thompson is known all over Clay County as a man who has mentored both children and adults alike, and whose helping hands have reached well past our county lines. He can always be found working behind the scenes for causes that are important to this community, helping a struggling student or family, and being the supportive ear to so many of our students/adults that need it. My dad always goes above and beyond to be generous to those in need, and gives more of his time than is humanly possible. His passion is “helping our kids become better people,” a mantra he still tells every student today. He has inspired novelists, lawyers, politicians, Olympic athletes…and future educators. Both my brother and I have gone on to become coaches, and a teacher and Assistant Principal, respectively. He retired from coaching baseball at Clay High 7 years ago, in order to help my mother fight against some enduring medical issues…and this will be his last year teaching. I know he would love to provide one more act of kindness to both the students and school he loves, before he is retired completely.”

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